Thursday, January 17, 2013

Smoked fat (slanina)

Can be eaten plain with mustard and onions or added in different recipes like:beans and smoked pork,sarmale,grilled or any food that goes well with smoked meat.
It can contain also strips of meat and smokehouse didn't wok very well this year and it's a bit white.

If you want to make some you'll need:
  • fat (belly,sides)
  • a smokehouse
  • salt
  • seasoning optional (thyme,tarragon,hot powdered pepper)
Take the fat and cover  thoroughly with  salt (lots) ,leave for 2 weeks then get the salt off and rub it with the seasoning,  start the smokehouse and leave it for 3 days (depends on your smokehouse).
Smash an onion and open the mustard can up and enjoy

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